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10 Big Drink Package Mistakes NOT to Make on a Cruise


All cruisers want to get the best value and avoid common beverage package mistakes. Cruise drink packages are not cheap! Whether you have a free drink package perk or are thinking about purchasing a drink package on a cruise, these cruise tips will save you money and ensure that you use your drink package well! This video is full of cruise drink package tips, tricks and mistakes to avoid on a cruise vacation. Great cruise information and advice for new cruisers as well as cruise veterans. If you are cruising with Carnival and the CHEERS package, Royal Caribbean or have Princess Plus or Celebrity's drink package, this video will help! Information about cruise drink packages. RESOURCES I RECOMMEND 🛳 THE ULTIMATE CRUISE PLANNER 🛳 Get the Life Well Cruised ULTIMATE CRUISE PLANNER ($10 off for a limited time). The printable planner includes 47 pages of checklists, packing lists, shore excursion forms & more! here: 🤍 Please note that this video is not sponsored. The links in this description are affiliate links, meaning that I will make a commission on purchases you make through my links, at no extra cost to you. As Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Items Mentioned in Video My dress: 🤍 Nautical carry on bag: 🤍 Passport holder wallet: 🤍 Passport holder USA: 🤍 Cruise lanyards: 🤍 Cruise card holder: 🤍 Reef safe sunscreen: 🤍 Bonine: 🤍 Seabands: 🤍 Ginger candies: 🤍 Electronics organizer: 🤍 Travel jewelry bag: 🤍 Collapsable water bottles: 🤍 Portable charger: 🤍 Waterproof phone cases on lanyards: 🤍 CRUISE ESSENTIALS AirTags: 🤍 AirTag holders: 🤍 Packing cubes set: 🤍 No surge power bar: 🤍 Over the door organizer: 🤍 Expandable Tote Carry on bag: 🤍 Garment duffel bag: 🤍 Magnet hooks: 🤍 Magnet clips: 🤍 Towel clips: 🤍 Towel band with clips: 🤍 Hanging toiletry bag: 🤍 Travel binoculars: 🤍 Poo-Pourri: 🤍 Waterproof waist pouch: 🤍 Mesh beach bag: 🤍 Packing cubes set: 🤍 Travel alarm clock: 🤍 Night light (motion sensor): 🤍 Laundry hamper: 🤍 Water shoes: 🤍 Lock box safe: 🤍 Aloe vera gel: 🤍 Travel hairdryer: 🤍 Coverup: 🤍 Travel fan: 🤍 Travel luggage scale: 🤍 Cruise first aid kit: 🤍 Cruise ducks set: 🤍 Luggage tag holders: *Royal Caribbean: 🤍 *Celebrity: 🤍 *Norwegian: 🤍 *Princess: 🤍 *Carnival: 🤍 *HAL: 🤍 Level8 Luggage (save 10% with code LIFEWELLCRUISED10): 🤍 *What I have: Carry-on Textured Luggage 21", 24" Textured Luggage checked bag ULTIMATE CRUISE PLANNER: 🤍 More Items we LOVE 🤍 Life Well Cruised Amazon Store: 🤍 FTC LEGAL DISCLOSURE - Some links found in the description box of my videos are affiliate links, meaning that I will make a commission on purchases you make through my links, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services that I personally like and trust. *Business inquiries & media: please contact Ilana at lifewellcruised🤍gmail.com Please note that I am unable to give personal cruise and travel advice. If you leave a comment I try my best to answer. ABOUT ME Hi! I'm Ilana! I live in Montreal, Canada with my husband Frank. We can often be found dreaming about and planning future cruises, ideally to hot and sunny destinations! I believe in having fun, being kind and that you are never too old, or too young, to live the life of your dreams! Please note that I do not sell cruises on Life Well Cruised. This and all other videos are for entertainment purposes only. I share my own opinions, personal experiences and information with other cruise travellers, which I hope can be helpful. Please contact your travel agent or the cruise line directly for advice and any information specific to your booking. Some video footage courtesy of RCCL,Celebrity Cruise and Princess Cruises Music Credit: Surf Time by Lux-InspiraMusic

I spent $600 on cruise drink package & I think it was worth it!


Elizabeth tried Royal Caribbean's drink package for the first time and spent $600 and got 36 cocktails over a 7-night cruise and shares why she thinks it was worth the cost. [Subscribe for more Royal Caribbean videos!] 🤍 [Listen to our Podcast] 🤍 Get news, information and advice at 🤍 [Social Links] 🤍 🤍 🤍

10 Costly Drink Package Mistakes NOT to Make on a Cruise in 2023!


Hey Cruisers, Here's our list of worst drink package mistakes and how to avoid them! This video provides cruise drink package tips & tricks to help YOU avoid cruise drink package mistakes! Are you considering a drink package for your next cruise? Typically, these packages are BIG investments, so you want to make sure you choose wisely AND get the most out of your investment. Today, we’re sharing 10 of the WORST drink packages mistakes, and how to avoid them. Special thanks to our readers & viewers for sharing their costly blunders, so you don’t blow it with your next drink package. Whether you're considering buying a Carnival Cruise drink package, a Royal Caribbean drink package, a Princess Cruise drink package, Celebrity, Norwegian, Holland America or MSC Cruise drink package, you'll want to know how to avoid these drink package mistakes. Our Drink Package ESTIMATOR: 🤍 Make THESE Yummy Cruise Cocktails at Home: 🤍 About CruiseTipsTV We love to share cruise packing tips & help you avoid costly cruise mistakes. Be sure to subscribe for more cruise tips and tune in as we inspire you to explore the world by cruise ship! Whether you’re cruising with Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, MSC Cruises, Holland America, Celebrity, Virgin Voyages or Norwegian Cruise Line, we have cruise tips for you! NOW YOU CAN SUPPORT OUR WORK: ❤️Special thanks to our Backstage Crew for keeping us on the high seas! For exclusive access to a monthly video recording of our podcast (and more!), join at: 🤍 CruiseTipsTV Amazon Affiliate Stores US: 🤍 CA: 🤍 UK: 🤍 Website Links 🤍 🤍 🤍 Vlog Music Artlist: 🤍 Soundstripe: 🤍 Social Media Links 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Affiliate Links: We receive a small percentage from purchases made from affiliate links that may be contained in this description. This does not affect the amount you pay in any way. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. #cruisetips #cruise #royalcaribbean

The Royal Caribbean drink package mistake too many people are still making


This week I saw so many people talk about missing out on a better price for a Royal Caribbean drink package because they didn't follow this simple advice. [Subscribe for more Royal Caribbean videos!] 🤍 [Listen to our Podcast] 🤍 Get news, information and advice at 🤍 [Social Links] 🤍 🤍 🤍

12 BEST Cruise Drink Package Tips & Things to Know


Drink packages couldn't be simpler at first glance. You pay a set daily fee and then you get your choice of drinks on the ship. Right? But cruise passengers should understand there's a lot of fine print with these packages that many people simply don't know about. As well, with the rules and fine print, there are plenty of tips and things to know to help get your money's worth. With that in mind, we've put together a complete list of helpful things about cruise line drink packages to make your next trip even better. Helpful Resources: Worth It? Everything About Cruise Line Drink Packages 🤍 Cruise Line Drink Package Calculator: 🤍 For more on cruising, be sure to visit Cruzely.com and check out our channel! 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 #cruise #travel

Best Time to Buy A Royal Caribbean Drink Package


The best strategy for when you should jump on buying a Royal Caribbean drink package. [Subscribe for more Royal Caribbean videos!] 🤍 [Listen to our Podcast] 🤍 Get news, information and advice at 🤍 [Social Links] 🤍 🤍 🤍

Royal Caribbean Drink Package Pros & Cons


Is a drink package worth the extra cost? Here's the reasons to get one and not to get one. [Subscribe for more Royal Caribbean videos!] 🤍 [Listen to our Podcast] 🤍 Get news, information and advice at 🤍 [Social Links] 🤍 🤍 🤍

Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages Guide for 2023


We have a complete guide to Celebrity Cruise Drink Packages new for 2023. We detail all the plans, plus upgrade options, to help you decide if a cruise line drink package is right for your next trip. Subscribe to the Eat Sleep Cruise YouTube Channel if you love to travel and cruise the world! 🤍 If you enjoy the video, please make sure to give it a BIG THUMBS UP! IS A CELEBRITY CRUISE DRINK PACKAGE WORTH IT? 0:00 Introduction 0:53 Drinks Included on a Celebrity Cruise 1:32 Basics of Celebrity Cruise Drink Package 3:00 Purchasing a Celebrity Cruise Drink Package 4:32 Celebrity Classic Drink Package 6:00 Celebrity Premium Drink Package 7:50 Celebrity Zero Proof Drink Package 8:50 Celebrity Cruises Drink Prices 9:50 Is Celebrity Cruise Drink Package Worth it? 12:33 Should You Upgrade to Celebrity All Included CELEBRITY CRUISES DRINK PACKAGES: BASICS OF CELEBRITY CRUISES DRINK PACKAGES Celebrity Cruises updated its drink package offerings in 2023. Now, there are only three Celebrity Cruises beverage packages. Regardless of the package, cruisers must purchase the package for the entire duration of cruise. All packages are priced per person, and are subject to a 20% gratuity charge. There are no limits to how many beverages a cruiser can consume on the package. Of course, the cruise line has the right to deny you service if you are obviously intoxicated. CELEBRITY CLASSIC DRINK PACKAGE The Celebrity Cruises Classic Beverage package starts at $89 per person, per day before the 20% gratuity charge. This package includes all alcoholic drinks up to $10 a serving. Thus, the Celebrity Classic Drink Package covers most beers and a decent amount of wine by the glass. Many mixed drinks and popular spirits will be included on this package as well. Although, specialty cocktails at the Martini Bar, World Class Bar, and Eden on Edge-Class ships will be over the covered allotment. Further, this Celebrity drink package includes a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages, like soda, 500ml bottled water, and specialty coffees and teas at Cafe al Bacio. If cruisers want a drink above the $10 allotment, they simply pay the difference, plus the service charge. CELEBIRTY PREMIUM DRINK PACKAGE The Premium Drink package starts at $109 per person, per day, and covers drinks up to $17. This drink package will cover most cocktails at the Martini bar, World Class bar, and Eden. The Premium Drink Package also covers essentially all domestic, international, and craft beers. Further, a wider range of wines by glass will be included in this package. Along with all of the non-alcoholic beverages covered in the classic package, the premium drink package includes juices and smoothies at the Aqua Spa Juice Bar, plus premium still and sparkling bottled water like Evian and Perrier. UPGRADING TO THE ALL INCLUDED FARE Currently, Celebrity Cruises offers two fare options, the Cruise Only fare and the All Included fare. The all included fare includes the cruise fare, plus a Classic Drink Package, gratuities, and a basic WiFi internet package. While prices fluctuate, our research found that the All Included rate tended to be about $80 per person, per day more than the cruise only fare. For us, upgrading to this package makes sense as cruisers are getting the three amenities that have a retail value of over $123 for a discounted rate. So, cruisers can save around a third off the retail value of purchasing these amenities individually. Actually, even if you plan to just get a Celebrity drink package, you will still save money by upgrading to this pricing option. LEARN MORE ABOUT CELEBRITY CRUISES DRINK PACKAGE BACK ON THE BLOG: 🤍 TRENDING VIDEOS FROM EAT SLEEP CRUISE: What's Included on Celebrity Cruises: 🤍 Celebrity Beyond Cruise Review: 🤍 Best New Cruise Ships 2023: 🤍 We Compare 9 Brand New Cruise Ships: 🤍 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to get the latest cruise tips, cruise reviews, packing guides, port guides, travel tips, and more. Join us on Social Media as we “Sea the World, One Port at a Time.” Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Some Cruise Ship B-Roll Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises Royalty-Free Music Courtesy: 🤍 #celebritycruises #cruise #cruiseship

Live Q&A: How to Save Big on Duty-Free Shopping


In this live Q&A, I'll be answering questions about how to save big on duty-free shopping on cruise ship. From tips on where to find the best deals to avoiding common pitfalls, I'll be sharing all my tips and tricks to save you money! If you're looking to save money on your next cruise, be sure to check out this live Q&A! I'll be answering questions about duty-free shopping on cruise ship, so be sure to join me and ask your questions about the best ways to save money! Amazon Store: mywebsit046a6-20 Amazon Store Essential Items: Water case-🤍 Luggage Tag Covers: Carnival: 🤍 🤍 NCL; 🤍 Multi Plug Outlet: 🤍 Magnetic Hooks: 🤍 3Xk5NlT Water proof Bag: 🤍 Passport Holder: 🤍 Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag: 🤍 Display Message Hat: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Cruise T-Shirts: Couples That Cruise Together: 🤍 Cruise Ship Is Calling And I Must Go: 🤍 WARNING I bought the Drink Package: 🤍 Cruise Ship Calories Don't Count T-Shirt: 🤍 Cruising Cruise Vacation Husband Wife Couple: 🤍 3hYoXh0 Living Life One Cruise At A Time: 🤍 Oh Ship it's a Girls Trip: 🤍 Girl Cruising Cruise: 🤍 Oh Ship It's My Birthday: 🤍 Family Thanksgiving Cruise 2022 Happy Autumn Cruise Trip: 🤍 Merry Cruisemas Funny Cruise Ship Family: 🤍 #cruise tips #first time cruise tips #Save time on a cruise ship #cruise ship tips and tricks #carnival #cruise ships #cruise tips for first timers #cruise tips and tricks #cruise vlog 2023 #carnival cruise line In this live Q&A, we'll be answering questions about cruise ship duty-free shopping. If you're planning a cruise soon and are wondering about the best places to buy duty-free, then this Q&A is for you! We'll be answering questions about all aspects of cruise ship duty-free shopping, from the best items to buy to the best time of year to shop. So be sure to join us live to get all the advice you need about duty-free shopping on a Carnival cruise!



P&O Cruises have changed their drinks packages. The Children's Drink Package, the Non-Alcoholic Package and the Ultimate Drinks Package have been replaced with the Refresher Package, Non Alcoholic Package, the Classic Package and the Deluxe Package. In this video we look at all the new packages in detail! P&O Terms and Conditions - 🤍 P&O Arvia Series - 🤍 Our Cruise Essentials - 🤍 We are Tom and Dom and we experienced our first cruise on the MSC Virtuosa during her UK staycation cruises in 2021. We are relatively new to cruising, however we can now say we are officially hooked. Our mission is provide a fair and balanced review of our travels. We look at the types of food that is available onboard, from main dining rooms, room service, buffets and pool side snacks. We include menus for each of cruises so that we can share the selection of drinks and meals that are available. Entertainment onboard a cruise ship is important to us and we enjoy theatre production shows, live music, quizzes and game shows. We love to explore different ports and destinations and enjoy sharing tips and tricks so that you can make the most of each port. We often explore ports independently but also book excursions that are interesting to us. We have created a list of our cruise essentials. These are items we take with us when we travel and we hope they may be useful to you. We have also added a Wine list which contains some of the wines we have tried whilst cruising. Check out our Amazon Store to find out more - 🤍 So far we have been on the following cruise ships, in order: MSC Virtuosa, Marella Explorer, Marella Explorer 2, Queen Mary 2, Sky Princess, Enchanted Princess, MSC Preziosa and P&O Arvia! Playlists Sky Princess April 2022 France, Portugal and Spain. 🤍 Enchanted Princess July 2022 Norway and Iceland. 🤍 MSC Preziosa October 2022 Northern Europe. 🤍 P&O Arvia December 2022 Christmas and New Year Canaries. 🤍 Please like, subscribe and comment, it really does make a difference and allows our channel to grow. Thank you! You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! You can find our Socials on 🤍 #TomandDomTravel #cruising #vloggers #CruiseShip #pandocruises #pando #cruiselife #cruiseship #cruiseadventures #helloarvia #youtube #youtuber #subscribe

Answering every single question about a Royal Caribbean drink package


I know you've got questions about a Royal Caribbean drink package. Can I get someone else drinks? Can I choose the days to buy it? Is gratuity included? I've got all the answers in today's video! [Subscribe for more Royal Caribbean videos!] 🤍 [Listen to our Podcast] 🤍 Get news, information and advice at 🤍 [Social Links] 🤍 🤍 🤍

*MUST* Watch Before You Buy a Drinks Package


Join my private Facebook group for cruise deals, tips and advice - the more members we have, the better we’ll get! 🤍facebook.com/groups/CTGdeals Follow me on Facebook and Instagram: 🤍facebook.com/thecruiseandtravelguy 🤍instragram.com/thecruiseandtravelguy Support the channel with a slogan tee: 🤍 Head to my website for great cruise and travel deals: 🤍thecruiseandtravelguy.com.au Should I Buy A Drinks Package? It's a question I receive all the time, and for good reason. Drinks Packages can be very expensive additions to the fare of a cruise and they're not always good value. In this video, we'll cover some of the questions you should ask yourself before you just assume that a drinks package is going to give you the best value for your dollar. We'll cover things like: The Cruise Itinerary Your Drinking Endurance Break Even Anxiety Who Exactly Benefits from the Package Loyalty Status and Perks What's Included Dynamic Pricing Plus, I'll give you a real example from a recent cruise I sailed on that might help you get some context into whether a drinks package is the right choice for you, or not. Let me know in the comments below, how do you feel about a drinks package? Is it something you automatically purchase or do you prefer to go it alone? Thanks for watching! Image credit: Passenger Cruise Liner Fair Princess at Darling Harbour - John Ward, CC BY 4.0 🤍 via Wikimedia Commons

New Guide to Royal Caribbean Drink Packages 2023!


Whether you should purchase one of the Royal Caribbean Drink Packages is a difficult decision for many. So, we put together this video to guide you through the process of determining if a Royal Caribbean Drink Package is worth it for your next cruise vacation. Subscribe to the Eat Sleep Cruise YouTube Channel if you love to travel and cruise the world! 🤍 If you enjoy the video, please make sure to give it a BIG THUMBS UP! ROYAL CARIBBEAN DRINK PACKAGES 0:00 Introduction 1:10 Free Drinks on Royal Caribbean 1:50 Royal Drink Package Basics 2:45 Purchasing a Royal Caribbean Drink Package 3:55 Using the Drink Package 4:37 The Costs of a Royal Caribbean Beverage Package 5:50 The Deluxe Drink Package 7:25 Royal Caribbean Drink Prices 9:15 Royal Refreshment Drink Package 10:18 Classic Soda Package 11:40 Are Royal Caribbean Drink Packages Worth it? 13:42 Quick Analysis of Deluxe Beverage Package THE BASICS OF ROYAL CARIBBEAN DRINK PACKAGES If you are planning a Royal Caribbean cruise, one of your top questions is probably whether you should purchase one of the Royal Caribbean drink packages or not. To make things a bit easier, Royal Caribbean only has one alcoholic drink package, the Deluxe Drink Package. There are also two non-alcoholic drink packages offered by the cruise line, the Royal Refreshment package and the Classic Soda package. Regardless of what drink package you purchase, there are some basic rules. Drink packages must be purchased for the entire length of the cruise by everyone in the same stateroom. These packages are priced per person, per day, and there is an additional 18% added to the price at the time of purchase. The good news is that these packages work just about everywhere on the ship. The Royal Caribbean drink packages also work on the cruise line's private islands of CocoCay and Labadee. Further, these beverage packages are truly unlimited unlike some other cruise lines. This means you can drink as many alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as day as you'd like. Of course, the cruise line does have the right to refuse you if you are obviously intoxicated. ROYAL CARIBBEAN DELUXE BEVERAGE PACKAGE DETAILS The Royal Caribbean drink packages have dynamic pricing, meaning the price varies based on ship, time of year, etc. The average cost of the Deluxe Drink Package ranges from $63 to $89 but has been as high as $105! This package does cover quite a bit though. In 2023, this plan covers all alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine by the glass, and cocktails up to $14. The Royal Caribbean Deluxe Drink Package includes fountain soda, Coca-Cola freestyle machines (where available), still and sparkling water, premium coffees and teas, and fresh-squeezed juices as well. IS THE ROYAL CARIBBEAN DRINK PACKAGE WORTH IT? Essentially, you will need to consider whether you will consume enough beverages to make the drink package “worth it”. Some things to take into consideration are, will you sustain the same drinking habits over the duration of the cruise, do you get any free drinks for being part of the cruise lines loyalty program, and how port intensive is your itinerary. We do like the added convenience of having a drink package, but now that we get 5 drink vouchers a day for being Diamond Plus status in Royal Caribbean's Crown and Anchor Society, it really no longer makes financial sense for us to purchase one. We usually just purchase a case of water for our cabin and a coffee card as we do enjoy our daily lattes. However, if you plan to average at least 6 cocktails a day or some other combination of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, then the purchasing the Royal Caribbean drink package probably makes sense for you. LEARN MORE ABOUT ROYAL CARIBBEAN DRINK PACKAGES BACK ON THE BLOG: 🤍 TRENDING VIDEOS FROM EAT SLEEP CRUISE: What's Included on Royal Caribbean: 🤍 Wonder of the Seas Tour: 🤍 Best New Cruise Ships 2023: 🤍 We Compare 9 Brand New Cruise Ships: 🤍 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to get the latest cruise tips, cruise reviews, packing guides, port guides, travel tips, and more. Join us on Social Media as we “Sea the World, One Port at a Time.” Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Some Cruise Ship B-Roll Courtesy of Royal Caribbean Royalty-Free Music Courtesy: 🤍 #royalcaribbean #royalcaribbeancruisevlog #cruise

Carnival Drink Package Review With Tricks | DO NOT BUY BEFORE WATCHING


IS THE DRINK PACKAGE FOR YOU? COME LEARN SOME TIPS AND TRICKS TO MAXIMIZE THE DRINK PACKAGE AND CHEAT THE SYSTEM. 1st FREE CRUISE GIVEAWAY WINNER ✨✨ 🤍lizaromansky6424 ✨✨ 🚨LAST WEEK WINNER UPDATE🚨 Seumas Keith 🏅 Asher Skylark 🏅 KristineH 🏅 JennInATx 🏅 DRINK PACKAGE CALCULATOR: 🤍 THANK YOU GUYS FOR 750 SUBS! WE'RE GIVING OUT A FREE CRUISE AT 1000. FUTURE SAILINGS 📅 Carnival Sunrise Nov 23, 2022 Miami Carnival Celebration Jan 8, 2023 Miami CARNIVAL LEGEND PLAYLIST ⬇️ 🤍 CARNIVAL MARDI GRAS PLAYLIST ⬇️ 🤍 Intro 0:00 Cheers Overview 0:40 Pricing 0:59 Is The Drink Package For You? (Math) 1:37 GIVEAWAY WINNERS (feel free to skip) 4:30 Rules and Fine Print 6:28 What's Not Included 6:56 SECERT PRICING 9:58 How to Maximize Cheers 11:12

How to make Royal Caribbean's drink package work for you!


If you buy a Royal Caribbean drink package, here's how to get every last dollar of value out of it with these helpful tips! [Subscribe for more Royal Caribbean videos!] 🤍 [Listen to our Podcast] 🤍 Get news, information and advice at 🤍 [Social Links] 🤍 🤍 🤍

Cruise Drinks Packages. 8 Reasons Not To Buy One


Cruise drinks packages are becoming increasingly popular. Most cruise lines offer them, and actively promote and encourage cruising passengers to buy one. However, is a drinks package right for you? I explore 8 reasons and times that a drinks package on a cruise ship is probably not worth buying. Cruise lines often have different levels and types of drinks packages, such as lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity, and what should you be thinking about if deciding between these. Discover if a drinks package is right for you, and the watch-outs and things to consider. Watch my video about the unusual ways cruisers smuggle alcohol on a cruise: 🤍 Buy my Cruise T-shirts: 🤍 USA cruisers get great cruise deals CRUISEDIRECT.COM: 🤍 UK Cruisers get great cruise deals with CRUISE.CO.UK: 🤍 Gary Bembridge's Tips For Travellers aims to help you make more of your precious travel time and money on land and when cruising the oceans or rivers of the world. To help you, in every video I draw on my first-hand tips and advice from travelling every month for over 20 years and 60+ cruises. Follow Tips For Travellers on: - Instagram: 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 #CruiseDrinksPackages #DrinksPackages #CruiseTips

Drink Package, is it WORTH it? Royal Caribbean Drink Package Guide


Should you buy the Drink Package for your upcoming cruise? Watch here to see a 2022 guide to the Royal Caribbean Drink Package to help you decide whether or not, it will be worth it for your cruise vacation. Links: Royal Caribbean drink packages: 🤍 Royal Caribbean drink package offerings: 🤍 Royaly Free Music: 1) Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): 🤍 License code: 2YCJSYLV8HOYJSO0 #cruise #trending #royalcaribbean #RCCL #vacation

Should You Buy A Cruise Drinks Package?


Should you buy a drinks package on a cruise, or pay as you go? Here's my quick answer Links: 🤍 🤍 #CruiseTip #QuickCruiseTip #CruiseTipShort

P&O 2023 Drinks Packages - Is it worth it FOR YOU?


Here are the 9 quick questions that will help you to work out if the P&O Cruises classic drinks package is worth it FOR YOU. Just because the drinks package is value for money for some it doesn't mean it will be value for money for you. Most Drinks package review videos don't cover these important questions. In May 2023 P&O made some changes to their drinks packages. if you want a recap of what the changes were then head on over to my blog post which runs through all the updates and changes in detail. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 🛟BLOG POST with all the details about the updates. 🤍 For the purposes of this video I'm going to focus specifically on the Classic drink package launched in May 2023 because this is the closest equivalent to the previous ultimate drinks package, When do the new drinks Package start? It looks like drink packages will be rolled out across the fleet between 20 May – 6 July depending on the ship. For cruises which set sail before these dates, the current packages will still be available to purchase. Here are the following dates are when the new packages will be available on each ship: Iona (G315): 20 May 2023 Ventura (N313) 20 May 2023 Arvia (K311)28 May 2023 Arcadia (J306N) 6 June 2023 Britannia (B315N) 9 June 2023 Aurora (R311) 22 June 2023 Azura (A319) 6 July 2023 #DrinksPackage #pandocruises #ArviaCruiseShip #Drinkspackageonpandocruises Drinks package on p&o cruises p and o cruises #Arviacruiseship #Isthepandodrinkspackageworthit Ventura cruise ship P&o drinks package reviews #cruisedrinkpackages Is the p&o drinks package worth it

MSC Drink Package Review With Tips 2023 || DO NOT BUY BEFORE YOU WATCH


IS THE DRINK PACKAGE FOR YOU? COME ALONG AS WE TALK ABOUT EACH TIER OF THE DRINK PACKAGE ON MSC. DRINK PACKAGE CALCULATOR: 🤍 FUTURE SAILINGS 📅 MSC Seascape July 9 2023 CARNIVAL CELEBRATION PLAYLIST ⬇️ 🤍 CARNIVAL MARDI GRAS PLAYLIST ⬇️ 🤍 Intro 0:00 MSC Disclaimers 0:49 Easy Package 1:43 Easy Plus Package 3:29 Premium Extra Package 4:58 Which Package is Right For You? 6:31 Hidden Benefits 10:50

Cruise Tips! Is the beverage package WORTH the money? 🤷‍♂️


Cruise Tips! Is the beverage package worth the money? These are tips and tricks that I’ve picked up and made mistakes on in our numerous cruises, and I hope you can learn from us. It doesn’t matter what cruise line you’re going on these are all applicable. Whether it’s Royal Caribbean, carnival, celebrity, princess, or even a higher-end line like Silverstar. Please subscribe for more cruise and travel tips and tricks. Join us on the path to 20,000 subscribers. Currently, we’re at 18,500 subscribers and I appreciate everyone's support. Looking for more Cruise Tips and Tricks? See the links below and happy cruising. Link for part one 👇 🤍

Royal Caribbean 2023 Drink Package Explained! PROS & CONS!


Click To Watch: 🤍 Today we discuss drink packages on Royal Caribbean. Are they worth it? Discover the benefits, along with free drinks. With a few simple steps, guests can score a fantastic beverage package upgrade from non-drinkers to the most drinks for your money! 👉Book Your Dream Vacation With Us Today: 1-877-697-4470 👉Book Online: WWW.MR-TRAVELER.COM 👉Have You Seen The Latest Video: 🤍 👉Subscribe: 🤍 🚢 This is our 58th Cruise! Quick Clicks: 📺 Catch up on our Adventure of the Seas cruise vlogs & Tour here: 🤍 🔔 Please remember to give us a thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Leave a comment too, I'd love to hear from you! SUBSCRIBE! ❤️ FOLLOW ME- LET'S GET SOCIAL INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK Group: 🤍 WEBSITE: 🤍mr-traveler.com WANT EVEN MORE? CHECK OUT OUR PATREON FOR EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES AND EARLY ACCESS TO VIDEOS AMONG OTHER PERKS! Join and become a member today! 🤍 💌 We now have a 💌 P.O. Box and would LOVE to hear from you! Mr Traveler PO Box 20624 Palm Beach, FL 33416 👕 Support our channel through a purchase on our Amazon shop: Our camera kit: 🤍 Our camera: 🤍 Our main lens: 🤍 Our zoom lens: 🤍 Great cheaper camera: 🤍 Our GoPro: 🤍 Our microphone: 🤍 Our gimbal for smooth shots: 🤍 ➤Our must-have cruising packing essentials: Luggage Scale: 🤍 Checklist: Mr Traveler Cruise Lover Facebook Wrinkle Spray: 🤍 Travel Alarm Clock: 🤍 Sewing Kit: 🤍 Plastic Document Holders: 🤍 Lug MakeUp Bag: 🤍 Travel Fan: 🤍 Sony Underwater Camera: 🤍 Hanging Toiletry Bag: 🤍 By using our Amazon affiliate links above you really help us out without Amazon charging you any extra! We receive a small percentage of money of every sale. It enables us to keep creating great quality videos for you! #CruiseNews #TravelBloggers #TravelAgents

Unveiling the MSC Cruises Drink Packages - Everything You Need to Know! 2023 Pricing update.


Welcome aboard, fellow adventurers! In this exciting video, we delve into the enchanting world of MSC Cruises drink packages. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur, wine enthusiast, or simply enjoy refreshing beverages during your cruise, this comprehensive guide will navigate you through the ins and outs of MSC Cruises' drink offerings. Join us as we unravel the treasure trove of options available, tailored to suit every taste and preference. From the enticing Easy Plus Beverage Package to the Premium Extra Packages, MSC Cruises has crafted an array of choices to enhance your onboard experience. In this video, we break down the various drink packages and highlight their benefits. Discover the all the beverage packages, where you can savor a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout your voyage. We'll also explore the delightful Premium Extra Beverage Package, providing access to an elevated level of indulgence with an extended menu of premium drinks, including top-shelf spirits, exclusive cocktails, and gourmet coffee creations. But that's not all! We'll guide you through the practical aspects, such as pricing, eligibility, and restrictions, ensuring you're well-informed before making your drink package selection. Whether you're traveling as a couple, a family, or with a group of friends, MSC Cruises caters to all, with packages designed to meet different needs and preferences. Join us on this journey as we uncover the secrets behind MSC Cruises' drink packages. With the freedom to raise your glass to every unforgettable moment onboard, you'll experience an extraordinary cruise vacation like never before. Don't miss out on this valuable guide to the MSC Cruises drink packages! Like, comment, and subscribe to our channel to stay updated on all things cruising. Bon voyage! Sample MSC Bar Menu: 🤍 - Unveiling the MSC Cruises Drink Packages - Everything You Need to Know! 2023 Pricing update.- 0:00 Intro 1:02 General Info for all packages 3:33 The Minors Package 4:34 Alcohol Free Package 5:12 Easy Package 6:35 Easy Plus Package 8:13 Premium Extra Package 9:34 Exclusions and Limitations 11:31 Wrap up msc drink package,msc drink package 2023,msc drink package reviews,msc drink package upgrade,msc drink packages,msc drink packages explained,drink package,drink package msc,drink package on cruise,cruise drink package,cruise drink package comparison,cruise beverage package,cruise drink package hacks,easy package msc,easy plus package msc,msc easy plus drink package,msc premium extra drink,msc premium drinks package,premium extra msc,msc,msc cruises,cruise

Worth It? Cruise Line Drink Packages Explained (Including Fine Print!)


Drink Package Calculator: 🤍 Taking a cruise? You've no doubt wondered if the drink package is worth the money. Sure they are pricey, but if you drink a lot, then they can actually save you money. Cruzely explores the ins and outs of package, including the details that most people don't realize when they buy.

P&O Cruises NEW Drink Packages | Better or WORSE THAN EVER?


P&O Cruises Drink Packages | Do They Offer Good Value for Money? P&O Cruises NEW Drink Packages have caused a bit of a stir, and people want to know whether they are better or worse than the last drink packages offered! In this video, we'll pick through the terms and conditions and tell you everything you need to know about the New P&O Cruises Drink Packages, and whether you should take one out! #pandocruises #pocruises #drinkpackages #cruiselife #sailawaywithdanandjay Please Like and Subscribe to our Channel! YouTube: 🤍Sail Away with Dan & Jay Instagram: 🤍sailaway_with Facebook: 🤍sailawaydanandjay TikTok: 🤍sailaway_with Twitter: 🤍sailaway_with Website: 🤍sailawaywithdanandjay.com Contact us: ahoy🤍sailawaywithdanandjay.com 🤍cruisewithjay.co.uk Edited using: Final Cut Pro X Filmed using: Sony ZV1, Lumix GH6, DJI Mini 2 and DJI Pocket 2. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ✔✔ You Can Check My Other Videos : 👀 Celebrity Beyond Full Ship Tour 2023 Link: 🤍 👀 P&O Ventura Cruise Ship Review Link: 🤍 👀 P&O Ventura Full Ship Tour Link: 🤍 👀 P&O Iona Dining Guide Link: 🤍 👀 P&O Arcadia Cruise Ship Review Link: 🤍 👀 Marella Explorer FULL Ship Tour Link: 🤍 👀 Anthem of the Seas 2022 FULL Ship Tour Link: 🤍 👀 Marella Explorer Cruise Review Link: 🤍 👀 Marella Discovery Overview Link: 🤍

P&O Cruises | Drinks Packages


From Pepsi by the pool to a glass of red in the Med – you’ll have plenty to cheers to on a P&O Cruises holiday with one of our four drinks packages: The Refresh drinks package The Alcohol-free drinks package The Classic drinks package The Deluxe drinks package Pick your perfect package up to three days before your holiday or within the first two nights on board! Visit P&O Cruises 🤍 Subscribe to P&O Cruises on YouTube 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

SHOULD You Buy A Cruise Drink Package?


Are cruise drink packages WORTH the price? How many drinks can you handle? I'm not much of a drinker myself, so I needed some help with some footage from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian. Check Out Our Website: ➤ 🤍 Subscribe to keep up to date with our weekly Vlogs! ➤➤🤍 Like the Music From The Videos? Check out our playlist on Spotify! ➤🤍 Follow Me: ➤🤍 ➤🤍 ➤🤍 Email Me For Business Inquiries: ➤ Steven🤍GoodMorningAdventure.com

🍷🥃 Updated - Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages Explained!!


Today's Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages Explained video is going to give you all the information you need to decide if you should purchase a drinks package. Drink packages have become more and more popular and each cruise line does it differently. Which one should you choose? Are they worth the cost? We are going to tell you everything you need to know in this Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages review. Many cruisers like to purchase a drinks package so they have a relatively set price for their drinks on board and aren't hit with big surprise charges at the end of their trip. Celebrity Cruises drink package is charged per day and range in price depending on what is included. You can purchase them prior to your sailing (at least 72 hours before you sail) or on the first day of your trip. Celebrity Cruises offer three packages, two that include alcohol and one that does not. Celebrity Cruises Classic drinks package includes a selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non up to $10. There are a lot of spirits, cocktails, wines, beers, soda you can have on your cruise. You also get 15% off bottles of wines. The cost of the classic beverage package is $89 per day, plus 20% gratuity. If you want the level up your Celebrity Cruises drinks, the Premium Beverage Package offers a larger variety of drinks including premium spirits, an extended wine list. The premium package includes all drinks up to $17, and it costs an extra $20 a day at $109 per day plus 20% gratuity. -=-=- Merchandise -=-=- Checkout our brand new merchandise we just launched. All the Flamingo Fam love. 🤍 -=-=- Disney Content -=-=- If you are interested in our Disney content check out our Flamingos In Wonderland Channel. 🤍 -=-=- Affiliate Links -=-=- 🦩 USB Night Light 🤍 🦩 USB Charger 🤍 🦩 Packing Cubes 🤍 -=-=- Music -=-=- Epidemic Sound: Tropical by Timothy Infinite 🤍 We hope that you liked our video about Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages Explained. Do you think they are worth the cost? Is there a different cruise lines drink package you prefer?  Are there any other Celebrity Cruises videos you would like us to do? Please let us know in the comments below. If you liked our video please give us a like and subscribe. We have lots of Celebrity Cruises review videos so please check out our channel. Thanks for watching. Happy Travels!

MSC Drink Packages 2022. I REGRET not knowing this beforehand


DISCLAIMER: MSC Just announced new pricing. A new video is in production about the changes. The cost of a drink package can add a lot to a cruise, and usually a cruise line does not give you many options on drink packages. MSC has changed that with there 3 different adult drink packages that might better fit your budget and fit your drinking profile. In this video we will go through all the MSC drink packages 2022 has on offer. We will go over what is included in the packages and what is not. I will explain fully what is required when purchasing a drink package and the restrictions and limits if any. I regret not knowing this before purchasing a drink package, so to spare you my lack of knowledge, I give to you all my learnings I wish I knew beforehand. For your convenience I have linked a 2022 MSC drinks menu here so you can see what package will work best for you: 🤍 What is the right package for you? Well only you can answer that question but this guide should make it easier for you to figure the answer out for you and your cruising needs and budget. - MSC Drink Packages 2022 - 0:00 Intro 1:21 General Information 4:18 The Minors Package 5:26 Alcohol Free Package 6:45 Easy Package 8:24 Easy Plus Package 10:02 Premium Extra Package 11:54 Exclusions and Limitations 13:25 Wrap up If you love cruising and are constantly on the look out for good information to help you plan out your next cruise vacation please consider to subscribe to our channel and become a part of our community of cruisers that seek the seas: 🤍 Cruise Essentials: Cruise Power Strip No Surge Protector: 🤍 Passport Holder: 🤍 Full Face Snorkel Mask: 🤍 Snorkel Fins: 🤍 Motion Sensor Night Light: 🤍 Sunrise Alarm Clock: 🤍 Packing Cubes: 🤍 Magnetic Hooks: 🤍 Thumb Slot Badge Holder And retractable Reel: 🤍 Round Cord Heavy Duty Lanyard: 🤍 Wrinkle Release: 🤍 Portable Charger Power Bank: 🤍 Portable Charger Power Bank with Wall Plug: 🤍 Cruise Line Luggage Tags: NCL: 🤍 Royal Caribbean: 🤍 Carnival: 🤍 Princess: 🤍 Celebrity: 🤍 HAL: 🤍 MSC: 🤍



Join Island Time as we share the latest in cruising and cruise news. On the show today, we share the latest in cruising and cruise news. We share news from P&O cruises as they change the beverage package offerings. We also share some reminders as we head into hurricane season and awesome news from Jamaica. Looking to book a cruise and want best in industry service? Email us at: travel🤍bookislandtime.com. You can also move your current booking to Island Time Travel in many cases. Island Time Store URL: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to our channel and ring the bell so receive notifications when we upload new content! COMMENT and ask QUESTIONS and we will do our very best to answer them for you! Follow us on Facebook: 🤍

2023 NCL Beverage Package Details and Updates


Norwegian has changed prices and updated their drink packages for 2023. We break down all of the details here. Here is a link to the NCL latitudes description page. You can find more information there about the Latitudes discounts. 🤍 To book your next vacation (or to reschedule a cancelled one), contact our preferred travel specialist, Nicole Azzaro with Tropic Breeze Travel (813) 928-9326 nazzaro🤍dreamvacations.com 🤍tropicbreezetravel.com Check out Cruise Spotlight: 🤍 You can find Ship Comparisons, Tips and Tricks, and an amazing Drink Package Calculator for all of the cruise lines. Send us mail: PO Box 302, Kingston, IL 60145 Here are links to some of the items we use: Snorkel Masks: From the Video: 🤍 The one we loved and left behind: 🤍 Portable Fan: 🤍 Neck Fan: 🤍 Bottle Fan: 🤍 Wall Magnets: 🤍 Multiplug Outlet: 🤍 Our Favorite Seasickness prevention: 🤍 Luggage Tag Holders: 🤍 Shoe Organizer: 🤍 Bottle Protector: 🤍 ReHydration Packets: 🤍 Shower Mirror: 🤍 Towel Clips: 🤍 Some links here are affiliate links. Please feel free to use my affiliate links when available. Items in affiliate links won't cost you any more, but we get a small commission that will help us grow the channel. #CruiseNews #CruiseUpdates #CruiseLife

2023 Royal Caribbean drink packages explained!


We explain the different beverage packages available on Royal Caribbean in 2023 and which one is right for you. We'll go over prices and if we think it is worth it or not. Join us for some shots! Follow Sea Trippin' on Social Media! Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Email: seatrippincruising🤍gmail.com Our Cruise partner Caribbean Breeze Travel will help you book your perfect cruise! 🤍 Our Mailing address: SeaTrippin w/ Kim and Scott 19211 Panama City Beach Parkway #PMB140 Panama City Beach, FL 32413 The following product links are from our Amazon Affiliate page. There is no extra cost to you and we get a small percentage back for the referral! Thanks for looking! As Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. We love this Sound Machine. I can't sleep on cruise without it! Helps drown out the door slams! BrownNoise Sound Machine with 30 Soothing Sounds 12 Colors Night Light White Noise Machine for Adults Baby Kids Sleep Machines with Memory Function 36 Volume Levels 5 Timers for Home Office Travel 🤍 This night light is pretty neat in that it is magnetic! Would be great for kids! Night Light Motion Sensor [Battery Powered] with Rotating Base for Indoor Use in Bathroom, Hallway, Cruise Cabin & More White 🤍 This is a great starter pack for your Royal Caribbean Cruise. Love the Luggage Tag Holders Royal Caribbean Essentials Kit - Cruise Power Strip, Lanyards & Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags 🤍 Love this backpack for excursions and as my Carryon bag! Venture Pal Ultralight Lightweight Packable Foldable Travel Camping Hiking Outdoor Sports Backpack Daypack 🤍 Kim's new camera she used on this trip. Amazing video, so small. Awesome Vlogging cam. DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo 🤍 LiDiVi Luggage Cup Holder with Adjustable Velcro & Zipper Pocket 🤍 Kim won't make it 5 minutes into the cruise without these.... Motion Sickness Patches & Sea Sickness Bands for The Relief of Nausea and Vertigo in Adults and Kids from Travel of Cars, Ships, Airplanes & Other Forms of Transport Movement 🤍 DIYMAG Magnetic Hooks, 25Lbs Strong Heavy Duty Cruise Magnet 🤍 We just ordered this! We complained that we didn't have a clothesline on our last Royal cruise!! Retractable Portable Clothesline for Travel 🤍 Got Kim this for her Birthday! We used this on our Harmony cruise and it helped to save space! BAGSMART Toiletry Bag Travel Bag with Hanging Hook 🤍 Extra Large Beach Bag 🤍 #cruising, #cruiselife #harmonyoftheseas #royalcaribbean #travel #vacation #youtube #royalcarribeandrinkpackage #cruisevlog #cruisevlogs #cruisevlogger #vlogging #royalcaribbeancruisevlog

Get the DRINK PACKAGE??? Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas Onboard Expenses, Miami Cruise


Cruising costs money, and not just what you have to pay before you board the ship. On our recent cruise on the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas from Miami to Barcelona, we had more than a week of sea days, went on no excursions, and brought several bottles of wine with us. How much did we end up spending anyways? #royalcaribbean #symphonyoftheseas #cruise Get my NEW BOOK! "Getting Stitches on a Cruise Ship" Book Link for USA: 🤍 "Getting Stitches on a Cruise Ship" Book Link for UK: 🤍 "Getting Stitches on a Cruise Ship" Book Link for Canada: 🤍 "Getting Stitches on a Cruise Ship" Book Link for Australia: 🤍 Get exclusive videos and behind the scenes looks here: 🤍 Amazon links to my gear, and other fun stuff I wish I had! 🤍 Follow on: 🤍facebook.com/MorgansVeryunOfficialTravelGuides Instagram 🤍MrMorganOBrien Twitter: 🤍MrMorganOBrien Affiliate Links: I receive a small percentage from purchases made from affiliate links that may be contained in this description. This does not affect the amount you pay in any way. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Carnival Drink Package Worth it? #Shorts


#shorts Welcome To Cruising 101: Is Carnival Cheers Package Worth It in 5 Steps. Step 1: determine how much the drink package costs per person, per day. With carnival it’s $$51.95 per day prior to cruising and $56.95 per person, per day if purchased on board. The Cheers Packages includes, unlimited alcohol and non alcoholic drinks. (Under $20) Step #2: determine how many days your cruise is sailing. For this example let’s use 7 days. 7 days x $51.95/day = $363.65 Step #3 - determine how many drinks you’ll have per day. With Carnival the maximum amount of alcoholic drinks you can drink per day is currently 15 drinks. As a reference Most beer is between $6-$8 Wine by the glass $8 -$14 Mixed drinks are $7-$20 And Specialty Cocktails $9-$13 I once bought a truly for $11 + $2 for a tip because I’m a baller Step 4: Know Your Limits Decide if you can drink that many alcoholic drinks per day. If you can drink 5-6 drinks per day at value of at least $10, then the drink package is worth it. If you cannot drink more 5-6 alcoholic drinks per day, then the drink package is not worth it. Step 5: Know Your Tastes However, if you are a person that drinks both alcoholic drinks and fountain drinks such as Gatorade , soda , specialty tea’s and other virgin drinks regularly then the drink package is worth it. If you like cruising click like and subscribe. Peace. ­ 📨WANNA REACH US?📨 alyssa🤍trappedinparadisetv.com griff🤍trappedinparadisetv.com 🤍 🤍 General Advertising Disclaimer: Our channel is part of multiple affiliate sales networks. This means that we may be compensated if you (the consumer) choose to utilize the links located throughout the content on our website and social networks at NO additional cost to you. _ Hi! We're Griff and Alyssa and we help people have the best vacation of their lives! We recently sold everything we owned and moved into our renovated Fifth-Wheel RV named Clover. We travel from one cruise port to another while exploring our beautiful country with our pup, Oly Bear. We'll give you all the best #travel tips we learn along the way, and show you some stunning #travelvlogs of our adventures. We are excited to bring you on our journey. We'll see YOU in Paradise! ;)

CARNIVAL Brand Offers FREE DRINK PACKAGE (With a Catch) | Galveston GROWING


#Midships #Cruisenews #carnivalcruise #carnivaljubilee #pandocruises #drinks #drink #alcohol #alaskacruise #travelinsurance #travel Carnival Corp brand P&O Cruises unveiled a new lineup of drink packages this week. Among them includes free drink packages, with a catch. Some industry, experts, believe this new package could roll out across the carnival Corporation fleet if it proves successful. The port of Galveston has announced they will be spending $53 million to renovate Terminal see where the new carnival jubilee is. Expected to launch later this year. Royal Caribbean and celebrity cruise lines have announced they're raising deposit amounts for certain categories of cabins on their ships. 🛒 Shop my AMAZON Influencer Cruise Essentials Store: 🤍 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🛳 GROUP CRUISE info: 🤍 👕👚 MIDSHIPS MERCH: 🤍 📸 MIDSHIPS INSTAGRAM: 🤍 *Midships will earn a very small commission on the sale of any of the products on Amazon. The price you pay WILL NOT INCREASE. - JOIN OUR FACEBOOK: facebook.com/midships -

Royal Caribbean Deluxe Beverage Package - The ULTIMATE guide to help you DECIDE


If you ask anyone about the Royal Caribbean Deluxe Beverage Package, you are sure to get a wide variety of opinions about its value. In this Ultimate guide to help you decide if the package is right for you, I show you my use of the package, Day by Day, Drink by drink. With a tally for each day to show you if I received value for my purchase of the package. This was the first time ever I purchased a beverage package that included alcohol and I was not sure if it would be right for me! Lets find out together and help you figure out if it will work for you! So what you are getting is a video that shows you exactly how I used the package every day on my last 7 night Caribbean cruise! I hope you enjoy! If you love videos about cruising! Please consider subscribing and joining the cruise seakers crew! 🤍 Chapters 0:00 Intro 2:53 Day 1 Embarkation Day 5:06 Day 2 Sea Day 8:22 Day 3 Puerto Plata DR 10:23 Day 4 Labadee 12:29 Day 5 Sea Day 14:27 Day 6 Coco Cay 16:09 Day 7 Nassau Bahamas (Ship Day) 18:02 Final Totals and my thoughts royal caribbean cruise,royal caribbean cruise line,cruise tips,deluxe beverage package royal caribbean,deluxe beverage package,worth it,deluxe beverage package worth it,alcohol package royal caribbean,royal caribbean,royal caribbean cruise tips and tricks,unlimited drinks,unlimited alcohol,royal caribbean unlimited drink package,cruise ship,cruise,cruise tips and tricks,cruise tips for first timers,cruise tips tv,royal caribbean tips and tricks

Get the Cruise Drink Package. It will be fun, they said! 🍹


Be sure to be subscribed so you can follow all our fun adventures! Thank you for watching! Marilyn and Frank NYC Rocks ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Shop in our Amazon Storefront!🍎 🤍 Check out NYC Rocks Merchandise!🍎 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♫Music By♫ Epidemic Sound 🤍 Please subscribe: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #DrinkPackage #Drunk #CruiseLife #RoyalWOW #MaidenVoyage #NYCRocksYou #SuitesLounge #CoastalKitchen #LoyalToRoyal #TikTok #WorldsLargestCruiseShip #MarilynandFrank

Watch This Before Buying A Drink Package On Royal Caribbean! 🍹🍸🍷🧉


We enjoy a few cocktails every day while cruising, but given the current pricing structure we do not purchase drink packages. Watch this video before you make your decision, it might save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars! Here is the link if you want to browse/buy one of these alcohol packages: 🤍

Is the Holland America Drink Package Worth it?


We answer all your questions about the 🤍HollandAmericaLine drink packages. From what's included, to the value, and the differences in all the offerings, we breakdown all the details to help you decide if these cruise drink packages are worth it. Subscribe to the Eat Sleep Cruise YouTube Channel if you love to travel and cruise the world! 🤍 If you enjoy the video, please make sure to give it a BIG THUMBS UP! HOLLAND AMERICA DRINK PACKAGE REVIEW- 0:00 Introduction 0:46 Drink Package Basics 2:45 The Quench Package 3:36 Coca Cola Soda Package 4:11 Signature Drink Package 5:12 Elite Drink Package 6:03 What to Consider 7:10 Signature Drink Package Analysis 9:09 Have It All Package BASICS OF A HOLLAND AMERICA CRUISE DRINK PACKAGE For those new to cruise drink packages, Holland America Beverage Packages work like most lines. Cruisers need to purchase the package for the duration of the cruise. The options are priced per person, per day, with an additional 18% service charge. All individuals in the stateroom need to purchase the package. The Holland America beverage package works at all bars, restaurants, and lounges on the ship. Unfortunately, the drink package does not work at the cruise line's private island of Half Moon Cay. ALCOHOL DRINK PACKAGES ON HOLLAND AMERICA LINE Now, the cruise line does offer two non-alcoholic drink packages. However, if you are watching this video, odds are, you are more interested the in the packages covering adult beverages. There are also two packages that include alcoholic beverages. The first package is the Signature Beverage Package. This Holland America drink package covers all drinks, including all premium non-alcoholic beverages, up to $11 a beverage. Premium non-alcoholic beverages include cans of water, espresso-based drinks, and other items like Vitamin Water or Red Bull. When it comes to beer, wine, and cocktails, this beverage package on Holland America will cover a vast majority of the options at all bars and menus. More than 80% of the wines by the glass are covered in the package. Likewise, all beers are also included. The same is true for all of the venue's signature cocktails which are priced at this $11 limit or less. Examining the Holland America Bar menus, only a few select tequilas, cognacs, and single malt scotches would cost you more than $11. On this plan, cruisers are entitled to 15 drinks per day. This maximum includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic selections. The more inclusive package is the Elite Package. This package covers drinks up to $15. Further, this more expensive package covers an unlimited number of premium non-alcoholic beverages. However, there is still a limit of 15 alcoholic beverages. ARE HOLLAND AMERICA DRINK PACKAGES WORTH IT? So, the question becomes whether it is worth getting a drink package. Based on our experience, we tend to save about 25% or more getting the package versus purchasing drinks a la carte. On Holland America Line, we have found the Signature Beverage package is our best option. There has only been one instance where we hit the 15 drink maximum, and that is mainly due to getting several cans of water and specialty coffees. However, perhaps the best deal is to go with the Have it All package. This upgrade gives cruisers the drink package, shore excursion credit, WiFi, and specialty dinner credit. Not to mention, the package can also include additional bonuses depending on the promotion. Thus, cruisers can save even more money on the Holland America Drink Package with this inclusive cruise option. READ OUR HOLLAND AMERICA DRINK PACKAGES GUIDE ON THE BLOG 🤍 TRENDING HOLLAND AMERICA LINE VIDEOS FROM EAT SLEEP CRUISE HAL Rotterdam Ship Tour: 🤍 What's Included on HAL: 🤍 Holland America Rotterdam Video Review: 🤍 Holland America Alaska Cruise Review: 🤍 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to get the latest cruise tips, cruise reviews, packing guides, port guides, travel tips, and more. Join us on Social Media as we “Sea the World, One Port at a Time.” Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Royalty-Free Music Courtesy: 🤍 #HALRotterdamTour #HollandAmericaLine #hollandamerica

Royal Caribbean Drink Packages Explained


Cruise Tips - Royal Caribbean drink packages, what's included and should you purchase one before your next cruise. Check out and subscribe to our second YouTube channel High Seas Sounds - 🤍 Thank you for joining us on today's video, please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe button. We look forward to seeing you next time. EMAIL: holyshipcruising🤍gmail.com FACEBOOK: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 High Seas Sounds: 🤍 High Seas Cruising Merchandise: 🤍 As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from Amazon.com. I get commissions for purchases made thru links in this video. Essential Cruise Items: Luggage Tags - 🤍 USB Fan - 🤍 Night Light - 🤍 Magnetic Hooks - 🤍 Laundry Bag - 🤍 Micro Fiber Travel Towel - 🤍 Towel Bands - 🤍 Cruise Ship Power Supply - 🤍 Telescopic Stainless Steel Straws - 🤍 #highseascruising #cruisetips

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