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With the new update in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 if you have an NVIDIA GTX or RTX GPU you can now enable hardware encoding which will use NVIDIA NVENC. - Learn More about NVIDIA Studio empowering creators here: 🤍 = 🎥 Gear I Use to Make Videos: = 1. Sony FX3 ➡ 🤍 2. Sony A1 ➡ 🤍 3. Favorite Prime Lens ➡ 🤍 4. Favorite Zoom Lens ➡ 🤍 5. Favorite Wide Angle Lens ➡ 🤍 6. Favorite Mic ➡ 🤍 7. Complete Gear List ➡ 🤍 = 💰 Best Deals for Camera Gear! = Amazon Top Deals ➡ 🤍 B&H Deal Zone ➡ 🤍 = 🤓 Follow Me: = Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 = 🎵 Music: = Most of the music tracks you hear in my videos come from Epidemic Sound ➡ 🤍 = 👕 Merchandise: = These are T-Shirt designs that I think look cool and love to wear, if you're interested in buying you can visit my store here ➡ 🤍 = 📜 Affiliate Disclosure: = Some of the links used in the description will direct you to Amazon, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. = #Adobe #NVIDIA #NVENC

Export up to 4X faster with hardware encoding (NVENC) in Premiere Pro


If you have Premiere Pro 14.2 or newer and If your GPU is compatible, you export faster with hardware-accelerated encoding in Premiere pro. And this results in HUGE time-saving differences! Use the NVIDIA encoder or NVENC to export videos. This can be used to accelerate the encoding of H.264 and HEVC (H.265) video codecs. Supported NVIDIA video cards: 🤍 Hardware recommendations by Adobe:🤍 Intel Quicksync information: 🤍 This video is sponsored by NVIDIA #PremierePro #NVENC #NVIDIA

PREMIERE PRO Is Now 3x FASTER - NVENC Hardware Encoding


Discussing the addition of Nvidia's NVENC hardware encoding to Adobe Premiere Pro, allowing for 3x faster exports in H.264 and more efficient renders with H.265 HEVC. 🟢 Promotional and other consideration provided by NVIDIA: 🤍 = Gear Used to Make This Video: = Camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 Adapter: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Recorder: 🤍 Key Light: 🤍 Complete Gear List: 🤍 = Best Deals for Camera Gear = Gear Focus Marketplace: 🤍 Amazon Top Deals: 🤍 B&H Deal Zone: 🤍 = Music: = I use Artlist for my background music needs. Use this link to get two extra months when signing up: 🤍 = Follow Me: = Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 = Patreon & PayPal: = If you wish to support the channel monetarily, you can use my Patreon page here: 🤍 Or directly via PayPal here: 🤍 This is appreciated, but unnecessary, and no content will ever be behind a paywall. = Affiliate Links: = Some of the links in my video descriptions are affiliate links, which means at no extra cost to you, I will make a small commission if you click them and make a qualifying purchase. If you have a different purchase in mind, you can also use these storewide links below. 🛒 Amazon: 🤍 🛒 B&H Photo: 🤍 = Recommended Channel Tools: = 💬 Closed captioning provided by ONEXTRA: 🤍 ▶️ If you're a fellow YouTuber, I highly recommend you try vidIQ and their new AI tools. Use my link to get a 30-day trial for just $1: 🤍 = #premiere #nvenc #videoediting

NVENC Hardware Encoding vs Software Encoding for Adobe Premiere Pro | NVIDIA EVGA AMD | GTX 1050Ti


In this video, we are testing out the performance of the budget friendly ($850) 4K video editing computer I built in the last video step by step. We are going to edit 4K 60fps video in Adobe Premiere CC as well as run some Cinebench benchmarks. Here are the videos where I built this video and tested it out: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 4K Video EDITING PC BUILD: 🤍 4k60fps Editing PC AMD Ryzen 5 2600X / Gtx 1050Ti SC 🤍 AMD 4K Video Editing PC: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X CPU : 🤍 ASUS ROG Strix B450 Motherboard : 🤍 EVGA GeForce GTX 1050Ti Superclocked GPU: 🤍 GSkill TridentZ RGB 16GB RAM: 🤍 BitFenix Nova TG Tower : 🤍 EVGA Supernova G3 550w 80+ GOLD PSU : 🤍 Asus ROG Gaming laptop 🤍 CAMERA: Sony a7SII: 🤍 Cages and Accessories: Tilta Cage: 🤍 Atomos Ninja V 5 inch Monitor: 🤍 SmallRig a7RIII Cage: 🤍 SMALLRIG NINJA V CAGE: 🤍 SmallRig 2071 NATO Ballhead: 🤍 SmallRig Sunhood for Atomos Ninja V: 🤍 Rosewood Trigger Handle: 🤍 Monitor Mount with Locating Pins: 🤍 Kondor Blue HDMI Cable: 🤍 Andy Cine Vlogger Tool 🤍 LENSES: Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 ART: 🤍 Sigma 14-24mm f2.8 ART: 🤍 Sony 90mm f2.8 G: 🤍 Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART: 🤍 Rokinon 85mm t1.5 Cine: 🤍 Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro: 🤍 SONY FE PZ 28-135mm G OSS f4 Lens: 🤍 Filters: Tiffen Black Pro Mist: 🤍 SandMarc VND: 🤍 Tiffen 82mm VND: 🤍 Gimbal, Tripods, Audio, Wireless Video: DJI Ronin-S: 🤍 Manfrotto Tripod: 🤍 PeakDesign Travel Tripod: 🤍 Rode VMP+: 🤍 Rode Wireless Go: 🤍 Rode Lavalier Go: 🤍 Cinebag: 🤍 HollyLand Mars 400S PRO: 🤍 FalconEyes F7 Mini RGB Light: 🤍 Additional Parts: SmallRig FAQ2323 QR Plate: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 SmallRig 2221 Ronin-S Ring : 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Tilta 18650 Power Supply: 🤍 FOR MAXIMUM POWER= Nucleus Nano D-Tap Cable: 🤍 MUSIC COMPILATION BY ARTLIST: 🤍 #nvenc #adobe #encoding SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! Ray Valencia STARSTRUNG PRODUCTIONS

Best NVIDIA Settings For PREMIERE PRO | Fix Premiere Pro not using GPU ACCELERATION for Rendering


In this video, I will show you How to Fix Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Software not using GPU ACCELERATION for Rendering by optimizing NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL Settings. GPU is not working for Adobe premiere pro cc 2020 even if you have a high-end graphics card. Premiere Pro 2020 comes with many updates related to maximum render quality and using GPU for rendering. If you are facing a GPU acceleration problem then watch this video till the end to Optimize Nvidia Graphics Card Settings, Optimize Premiere pro settings, Optimize Adobe Premiere Video Editor Export Settings and fix GPU not being used by premiere pro for encoding and decoding or rendering easily! Topics Covered: 1. premiere pro not using GPU AMD 2. premiere pro using integrated and not dedicated graphics card 3. premiere not using GPU for rendering 4. how to enable GPU acceleration in adobe premiere pro cc 2020 5. premiere pro unsupported video driver 6. Nvidia control panel settings for premiere pro 7. Best Export Settings For Premiere Pro 8. Enable GPU Acceleration In Premiere Pro CUDA If You face any issue, please let me know in comment section. THANKS! Follow Me On : Instagram: 🤍 Also Watch: Render Faster In Premiere pro 2022: 🤍

Nvenc vs Quick Sync Premiere Pro GPU acceleration and GPU encoding and decoding


This video demonstrates how to enable GPU acceleration and GPU encoding and decoding. It also shows how to enable Intel's Quick Sync. Resolve 🤍 Adobe CC 1 year 🤍 All links are monetized.

Premiere Pro is 2x FASTER with new Update - NVidia NVENC Exporting


Yes it's true. We've all been waiting for Premiere Pro to do this for awhile now. Using NVidia NVENC hardware encoding, Premiere Pro now allows your computers GPU to increase your Premiere project's exporting speed. ⭐️ Learn More About Envato Elements $9 Offer For Creatives ➡️ 🤍 🖥 Learn How Elements Reduces Your Edit Time So You Can Live More ➡️ 🤍 ► My 63 Best Premiere Pro Templates of 2020: 🤍 ► My 57 Best After Effects Templates of 2020: 🤍 ► My 53 Best Final Cut Pro X Templates of 2020: 🤍 Feel free to contact our production team on IG (🤍madebyolufemii) or via email (Josh🤍 Josh Olufemii Olufemii Tutorials

Premiere Pro 3X FASTER!! BLAZING FAST EXPORTING!! | Adobe Premiere Pro | NVENC Acceleration


Adobe just released their latest update for Premiere Pro. Update V 14.2. This update will finally allow you to use the power of your GPU on your video exports and renders. This is HUGE!! Rendering times are not cute by MORE than Half!!! This release adds support for Apple ProRes RAW, hardware-accelerated encoding on Windows for H.264 and HEVC using NVIDIA and AMD GPU's. * If you like the gear I'm using go ahead and get it here. You'll be helping out the channel a lot! Thanks As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases Featured Gear: YouTube Camera: 🤍 Yamaha MG12XU: 🤍 AT4040: 🤍 Shop on Amazon:. Check out this UBER off the wall YOUTUBE setup 🤍 Collection of all the Gear I use for the Channel YouTube Camera: 🤍 Vlogging Microphone: 🤍 Dead cat: 🤍 My Main Audio Recorder: 🤍 Shotgun Microphone: 🤍 Drone 1: 🤍 Drone 2: 🤍 My new Favorite 4k Webcam: 🤍 My Favorite WebCam: 🤍 My Previous Favorite Webcam (Huge Discount): 🤍 Best Home Mixer (with bonus stuff):🤍 Awesome Headphones for Mixing: 🤍 Join the Loco's Community on Discord 🤍 FOLLOW LO KNOWS FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 #Adobe #NVIDIA #NVENC

Export Video 4X FASTER in Premiere Pro! (Works with Nvidia & AMD)


Learn how to export your videos 4X faster using GPU hardware encoding in Premiere Pro CC! This technique works with Nvidia & AMD graphics cards on PC, but not Mac yet. You will also learn how to fix the hardware encoding box if it is unavailable or using Quicksync instead of your graphics card. 📷 Download my 1080P Export Presets for Premiere Pro: 🤍 🎥 Download my 4K Export Presets for Premiere Pro: 🤍 ✌ Join the discussion in my Facebook Group: 🤍 ❗ Get a FREE TRIAL of Adobe Premiere: 🤍 Check if your Nvidia Graphics card supports 4X faster exports with nvenc: 🤍 Check if your AMD Graphics card is supported by Premiere Pro: 🤍 👰 Learn #weddingfilmmaking: 🤍 Color Graded with WhoisMatt LUTs: 🤍 ⏱ EDIT FASTER! I use Archaius Creative to help edit my videos & they want to help you too!: 🤍 (Get 10% off your first editing project when you use this link) ❗ Favorite Wedding Filmmaking Gear: 🤍 😃My Facebook: 🤍 😉My Instagram: 🤍 Music licensing sites I recommend: 🎧 Sound Stripe - 🤍 (use the coupon code "WHOISMATT" for 10% off a yearly or monthly subscription!) 🎷 ART LIST - 🤍 (free extra 2-months when you subscribe using this link!) 🎵 Musicbed - 🤍 I’m required to state that I'm a part of affiliate programs for Amazon, B&H, SoundStripe, ArtList, Musicbed, and Adobe, and some of the links above are affiliate links.

EXPORT FASTER in Adobe Premiere Pro!!! | NVENC Hardware Encoding with RTX 2060


Adobe Premiere Pro exports get a whole lot faster in the newest Beta release, with the support of NVENC Encoding. I benchmark my Intel i7-8700k and my RTX 2060 to see just how much faster hardware encoding is compared to typical software encoding. Subscribe Here: 🤍 Check out my website: 🤍 For custom built PC inquiries to be featured here: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍

Fix NVENC Plugin In Adobe Premiere


Using your NVENC hardware encoder to encode videos in Premiere Pro is hard. Finally found a patch that works. 🤍 As stated in the video, just download the .bin file and rename to .exe Copy that exe into the main folder of Premiere Pro and as well as Media Encoder if you use that as well. Enjoyed the Video? Then hit that Like Button and Click Subscribe. Greatly Appreciated! - Socialize with Me! Or Not... Twitter 🤍 Twitch TV 🤍 Mixer 🤍 Instagram 🤍DiamondRyce - DISCLAIMER: Affiliate Links This video contains affiliate links, if you click on one of these links, I will receive a small commission and will be used to further improve the channel. Thank you for the support! I am an official partner with GreenManGaming. To get all the best deals, all you need to do is sign in and BOOM instant discounts! You can support me via my referral link! 🤍 If you like new PC Peripherals, SteelSeries is awesome and is my recommendation. This link is one click away for deals! 🤍 - Into Song Music by Ninety9Lives Itro & Archie - Who We Are (feat. Brenton Mattheus) Video Link: 🤍 Channel: 🤍 Album Download Link: 🤍 Outro Song Music by Ninety9Lives The Hipsta - Shaken Soda Video Link: 🤍 Channel: 🤍 Album Download Link: 🤍

Быстрый рендер видео \ Рабочий плагин для рендера \ Voukoder настройка \ Nvenc в Premiere Pro


💛 Бро Разверни описание 💛 🔗 Ссылка на Voukoder - 🤍 (🤍 ► Коннектор модуль - 🤍 🎬 В этом ролике я вам расскажу как поднять скорость рендера ваших роликов. Я проведу тесты и покажу настройки своего рендера. Во время экспорта в этих программах вся нагрузка идёт только на процессор, хотя графический процессор не задействован от слова совсем. Ну а почему так происходит, у большинства пользователей по данным стим уже давно стоят карты GTX 1060, 1050, 1050Ti. А всё дело в том что кодек nvenc работает не совсем корректно с программами Adob, и всё пользуются h264. По сути рендер через видеокарту займёт намного меньше времени чем через процессор. Хотя, я никак не могу знать что стоит у вас в компе, вдруг у вас core i9, и затычка 1030, в любом случае попробовать перекинуть нагрузку на видеокарту стоит. В качестве дополнения к этим кодекам к нам приходит Voukoder. Voukoder - это общесистемная служба кодирования аудио и видео, как пишет автор. Грубо говоря это плагин. Список поддерживаемых программ: • Adobe Premiere • Adobe Media Encoder • Adobe After Effects • VEGAS Pro • VirtualDub2 #fiest #фиест #рендервидео #настройкирендера #какрендерить #экспортвпремьер #быстрыйрендер Таймкоды: 00:00 - Вступление; 00:17 - Сама идея ролика; 01:22 - Знакомство с Voukoder; 01:52 - Установка Voukoder; 03:00 - Настройка экспорта (рендера), настройка voukoder; 04:36 - Характеристики моего Пк; 05:00 - Тесты на скорость рендера; 05:50 - Итоги теста, заключение. ► Данные об оборудовании и ПО пользователей: January 2020 - 🤍 ► Статься про Nvenc - 🤍 ► Статься про H.264 -🤍 💌 Полезные ссылочки: ► Discord - 🤍 ► VK - 🤍 ► Steam - 🤍 ► Почта лол ) - borodich.stas🤍 (пишите лучше в вк) Программы которые помогли созданию этого видео: 1. Adobe After Effects 2020 - вставочки. 2. Adobe Audition 2020 - голос. 3. Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 - монтажик. 4. Adobe Photoshop 2020 - картиночки.

Adobe Premiere Instantly 3X Faster With This Update for NVidia NVENC


#premiereeditor #redmonstro #nvidiagpu #premieretutorial Adobe and Nvidia have finally done it. Nvidia's NVENC hardware encoding it absolutely amazing and has h.265/h.264 encoding using the GPU as an accelerator. No more forcing yourself to buy the most expensive CPU on the market. Now you can also add the most expensive GPU to the list. A quick test with the Red Monstro in 8K 60p shows the Nvidia Acceleration makes exporting 3x as fast. Seriously insanely game changing. I'm Using a Intel i9 Processor and the Nvidia GTX 2080ti. I'd love to talk with you about your own footage, and if you're having any trouble, connect with me! File Downloads: 🤍 Follow me here: Email: Adam🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Nvenc VS Quick Sync Premiere Pro GPU encode and decode.


I have done a few videos about Intel's Quick Sync but you can now use your GPU for rendering H.264/H.265 with the newest version of Premiere Pro. Monetized links below Resolve 🤍 Adobe CC 1 year 🤍

*NEW* Premiere NVENC vs. Voukoder vs. Cinegy Daniel2 & More


So, Premiere Pro has a brand new feature: NVENC accelerated encoding for H.264. This results in HUGE time saving differences. But, how does it stack up to other already existing 'hardware accelerated encoding' plugins? Well, I tested Voukoder, Cinegy Daniel2 as well as Premiere Pro's Software and Hardware mode. 🤍EposVox mentioned a difference in drivers, so I tested with drivers that were a few weeks old, and brand new drivers that were released as well. These are my results. Results: 🤍 How to install new Premiere Pro Beta: 🤍 Installing Voukoder: 🤍 Installing Daniel2 Encoder: 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 - Explanation 2:15 - Render settings 2:25 - What's new 2:50 - What I tested 4:10 - Explaining the results 5:53 - Simple graph 7:13 - Render time explained 7:45 - File size explained 8:10 - More stats 9:50 - Closing comments - 💸 Found this useful? Help me make more! Support me by becoming a member: 🤍 - 💸 Direct donations via Ko-Fi: 🤍 💬 Discuss video & Suggest (Discord): 🤍 👉 Game guides & Simple tips: 🤍 🌐 Website: 🤍 📧 Need voice overs done? Business query? Contact my business email: TroubleChute (at) Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you're doing is safe.

EXPORT FASTER w/ Hardware Encoding in Premiere Pro 2020 | NVIDIA NVENC Update


You can now export up to 3x faster with the May 2020 Update for Adobe Premiere Pro now that it supports hardware accelerated h.264 and HEVC encoding when using NVIDIA or AMD Radeon Pro Graphics cards thanks to NVENC. With GPU acceleration enabled, My export times were nearly 3x faster when exporting 4k mp4 or h.264 sequences. I think that I also saw some minor improvements in rendering, playback, timeline scrubbing and other software encoding situations. Studio Equipment; Camera: Panasonic G9 Lenses: Sigma 16mm, 30mm, Panasonic 12-35 f.28 Microphone: Sennheiser MKE 600 with Beachtek DXA-SLR Ultra & Blue Yeti Screen Recorded in 4K with OBS Studio (🤍 Custom Build PC: Ryzen 9 3rd Gen Processor Asus GeForce RTX 2060 Super 8GB GDDR6 Asus Prime X570-P Aura Sync Corsair MP600 NVMe PCle Gen4 x4 M.2 Force Series SSD 64 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM 2666 MHz 32" BenQ 4K Monitor EW3270U

FIXED: Unsupported Video Driver ERROR for Premiere Pro 2020 -


#premiere #error #fixed In this video, I am showing you how to fix the "Unsupported Video Driver ERROR" for Premiere Pro 2020 Updated video: 🤍 All you need to do is to Download the Studio Driver for your Graphic Card from the manufacturer's website. List of Supported graphics cards Applicable for Premiere Pro WINDOWS CUDA NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 NVIDIA Quadro GV100 NVIDIA Quadro GP100 NVIDIA Quadro P6000 NVIDIA Quadro P5200 NVIDIA Quadro P5000 NVIDIA Quadro P4000 NVIDIA Quadro P2000 NVIDIA Quadro P2200 NVIDIA Quadro P1000 NVIDIA Quadro M6000 NVIDIA Quadro M5000 NVIDIA Quadro M4000 NVIDIA Quadro M2000 NVIDIA Quadro K6000 NVIDIA Quadro K5200 NVIDIA Quadro K5000 NVIDIA Quadro K2000 NVIDIA Quadro K1200 NVIDIA TITAN RTX NVIDIA TITAN V NVIDIA TITAN XP NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal) NVIDIA TITAN Z NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 NVIDIA has publicly released windows ODE drivers that support the CUDA 9.2 SDK used in the latest release of Premiere Pro. This is not the Microsoft default driver, but you can download this driver directly from NVIDIA, Version 411.63 (of the 410 series drivers). WINDOWS OPENCL AMD Radeon Pro W5500 AMD Radeon Pro W5700 AMD Radeon Pro W3200 AMD Radeon Pro SSG AMD Radeon Pro WX 3100 AMD Radeon Pro WX 4100 AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100 AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100 AMD Radeon Pro W4100 AMD FirePro W5100 AMD FirePro W7100 AMD FirePro W8100 AMD FirePro W9100 AMD FirePro W7000 AMD FirePro W8000 AMD FirePro W9000 AMD Radeon Pro WX 4130 AMD Radeon Pro WX 4150 AMD Radeon Pro WX 4170 AMD FirePro W6150M AMD FirePro W7170M MAC METAL AMD FirePro D300 AMD FirePro D500 AMD FirePro D700 AMD Radeon R9 M290X AMD Radeon R9 M380 AMD Radeon R9 M390 AMD Radeon R9 M395X AMD Radeon Pro 560 AMD Radeon Pro 570 AMD Radeon Pro 575 AMD Radeon Pro 580 AMD Radeon Pro M395X AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56 AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64 Intel® HD Graphics 6000 Intel® Iris™ Graphics 6100 Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics 6200 AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20 AMD Radeon Pro Vega 48 INTEGRATED GRAPHICS CHIPSETS Intel® HD Graphics 5000 Intel® HD Graphics 6000 Intel® Iris Graphics 6100 Intel® Iris Pro Graphics 6300 Intel® Iris Pro Graphics P6300 Intel® Iris Graphics 540/550 Intel® Iris Pro Graphics 580 Intel® Iris Pro Graphics P580 Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics 640/650 Website 🤍 Subscribe to my channel by clicking the link below, 🤍 FaceBook Page 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Instagram 🤍

NVENC Premiere Pro


Premiere Pro 3 Kat Daha Hızlı, NVENC Hardware Encoding


Premiere Pro'nun son güncellemesi 14.2 ile birlikte gelen NVENC Hardware Encoding özelliği ile artık 3 kat daha hızlı export alabiliyoruz. Hem render hem de export süresini 3 kat azaltan bu yeni encoding güncelemesi ile kurgu masasında gözyaşı döktüğümüz günleri geride bıraktık diyebiliriz. Korona Salgını Sonrası Reklam ve Sinema Sektörünü Neler Bekliyor? Videonuzun Etki Gücünü Arttırın, 6 ÖNEMLİ TAVSİYE! - 🤍 En iyi Youtube, Vlog Kamerası - 🤍 Canon EOS R5 Kusuruz Kamera mı? - 🤍 Evde Video Işığı Nasıl Yapılır? - 🤍 Profesyonel Video Çekmek, Speed Ramping! - 🤍 Kuru Buz ile Video Nasıl Çekilir? - 🤍 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Sosyal medya hesaplarımız: 🤍 🤍 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

NVENC/GPU, mieux que X264/CPU sur Premiere Pro ? "SEAITER"


ABONNE-TOI et n'oublie pas la petite cloche qui fait plaisir 🔔 si le contenu te plaît n'hésite pas à lâcher un petit pouce en l'air et à t'abonner ça me ferait vraiment plaisir et ça me soutiendrai. 😁 Besoins d'un jeu pas cher, Instant Gaming : 🤍 📱 Mes Réseau 💻 🔊Discord Team-S : 🤍 🎁 Utip : 🤍 📺Twitch : 🤍 📄Twiiter : 🤍 📷Instagram : 🤍 💶 Pour un petit don : 🤍 ◄Config de Seaiter► Processeur : Intel Xeon E5-2697V2 4,04Ghz 12C/24T Carte Graphique : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super 4Go Single Fan (Gigabyte) Ram : 24 Go RAM DDR3 1666 Mhz Stockage : - Seagate ST320LM001 320Go 5400 Tpm - Samsung HDD 500Go 7200 Tpm - Seagate IronWolf ST1000VN002 1TB 5900 Tpm Carte Mère : Gigabyte GA-6PXSV1 Boitier PC : Antec P183 V3 Alimentation : Antec Continuous Power 850W ◄Setup de Seaiter► Ecrans : - AOC 24B1H 24" , 1920x1080 60Hz - LG / LG FULL HD 22" , 1920x1080 60Hz Clavier : Ezonteq Weaver E11 RGB Souris : VicTsing D-09 Micro : Bird UM1 WebCam : AUKEY 1080P PC-LM1 Casque : JVC HA-RX330 Enceintes : Home Cinéma Panasonic SA-BT222 Lumière: TOPELEK 48 LED 360 Smartphone : Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 16Go Chaise : Chez Ikéa Pas de référence ◄Logiciel de Seaiter► OS : Windows 10 Professionnel 2004 Montage vidéo : Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 Montage photo : Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 REC vidéo : OBS S 26.0.1 (Open Broadcaster Software) REC audio : Audacity Navigateur : Opera GX Musique : Spotify Biblio de jeu 1 : Steam Biblio de jeu 2 : Epic Games Biblio de jeu 3 : Microsoft Store Soyez vous même.👍 NVENC/GPU, mieux que X264/CPU sur Premiere Pro ? "SEAITER" #premiere_pro #gpu #nvidia gpu cpu tuto comment utiliser le gpu sur premiere pro premiere pro accélération matériel

Faster Exports - Adobe Premiere Pro [NVENC - GPU ACCELERATION]


In this video I show you how you can use a plugin for Premiere Pro to utilize the hardware inside of your Nvidia GPU to accelerate exporting times. 🤍

Ускоряем рендер в Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 с помощью NVENC кодека


Когда закончен монтаж видео в Adobe Premiere у нас возникает вопрос о быстром выводе видео в удобный нам формат, всем известно что стандартные кодеки в премьере довольно медлительны и не задействуют мощности видеокарты, с трудом используют CUDA ядра видеокарты и так далее. Давайте решать эту проблему, в этом нам поможет кодек NVENC. В этом видео: - Как ускорить рендеринг видео в Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 - Как установить кодек NVENC в адобе премьер 2019 - Как установить NVENC в Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 - Настройки NVENC кодека - Исправления не работающего NVENC - Тест кодеков, скорость кодирования видео. - Как задействовать мощности видеокарты в Adobe Premiere Pro - Используем CUDA ядра на 100% - Бомбёжка в адрес Adobe Видео будет полезно всем кто монтирует видео в Adobe Premiere и хочет сэкономить время про рендере видео и использовать всю мощь видеокарт Nvidia и технологии CUDA Ссылка на архив с кодеком NVENC: 🤍 - За донат респект: 🤍 - Закрытая группа для майнеров и инвесторов: 🤍 (live трансляции и общение) - Простимулировать автора роликов на майнинг новых роликов: BTC Address: 395Gt5ApayTCEGjKrKomHzoFsXxbHbLBdZ DOGE Address: D6JCP26rcWAhwE73f55bjcW5BXhkzFiSZ9

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Faster Render Times - Nvidia NVENC Export Plugin - Best Render Settings 2018


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Как ускорить рендеринг в Adobe Premier - NVENC EXPORT. Включаем CUDA на видеокарте. Nvidia cuda.


Как ускорить рендеринг в Adobe premier pro с помощью ядер CUDA. Настройка кодировщика NVENC. NVENC – АППАРАТНО УСКОРЕННАЯ КОДИРОВКА ВИДЕО НА H.264. Расскажу как это сделать наиболее просто и быстро, по крайней мере у меня все получилось с этой сборкой. Ссылка на видео: Какая разница 16 Гб или 8 Гб ОЗУ при рендеринге в Adobe Premiere Pro. 🤍 1. Скачиваем nvenc_export.prm. Копируем в папку C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore. 🤍 ... d3cbe4661c 2. Драйвера Nvidia пойдут любые, постоянно обновляю под новые и все работает. 3. Скачиваем и устанавливаем Visual C 2013 x64 runtime redistributables. 🤍 4. Скачиваем и устанавливаем MP4Box, для мультиплексирования видео и аудио в формат mp4. Не забудьте куда. 🤍 5. Скачиваем и устанавливаем кодировщик AAC-audio, не забудьте куда установили. 🤍 6. Дальше смотрим мое видео по настройкам nvenc. ссылка на архив со всеми нужными файлами: 🤍 Всем кто может помочь на развитие канала и покупку оборудования: 🤍 Яндекс кошелек: 410014086907335 Web money WMZ: Z834552585214



В этом видео я покажу как решить проблему с невозможностью работы с NVENC кодером! Программы: 🤍 НЕ БУДЬ КАКАШКОЙ ПОДПИШИСЬ, ПОСТАВЬ ЛАЙК И СТАНЬ НЯШКОЙ!



Un vídeo extra cortito para mostrarte una actualización potente en Adobe Premiere, aunque para muchos esto ya debería haber llegado hace tiempo: exportación mediante uso de la GPU gracias a NVENC con tarjetas compatibles, tanto CUDA como OPENCL. ¡Nice! Si quieres aprender más sobre Premiere, échale un ojo a los 10 Primeros Pasos para empezar con Premiere: 🤍 Si quieres ser un máster de la edición con 11h de contenido para pasar a ser un pro de la postproducción, aquí tienes el curso de Premiere CC en RunbenGuo: 🤍 Tarjetas NVIDIA compatibles 🤍 Tarjetas AMD compatibles 🤍 (bajando un poco se ven las tarjetas Actualización de Drivers 🤍 🤍 Nos vemos mañana con otro tutorial! #rbgescuela

Медленный экспорт в Adobe Premiere Pro | Кодек Voukoder 6.2 - Активируем NVENC и CUDA в GPU #2


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Premiere Pro Not Using Nvidia GPU FIX Solution 2020( Install Cuda Before you follow this tutorial)


Premiere Pro Not Using Nvidia GPU FIX Solution. Note: You need to install cuda first i forget to mentioned that for you guys! Download: 🤍 I made this video because after doing this it solved my problem. please follow the video carefully and i wish you guys also solved your problem :) Follow me on social: Facebook: 🤍 twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to my channel: 🤍

Export Over 4 TIMES as Fast using Voukoder NVENC Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro


Although this isn't the sort of content I usually upload on this channel, I thought it might be beneficial to anyone else who sees it. So, I made it public. For frequent viewers, more actual content will be coming soon! Voukoder is a Premiere Pro plugin devloped by Vouk and you can download it here: 🤍 (Nvidia and AMD GPU for Premiere Pro CC 2019) Guide how to use Voukoder to export from Premiere Pro faster: 🤍 _ I do not own the rights to Voukoder, nor do I have any affiliation with its developer(s). This video falls under fair use and is to be used for educational purposes. Thank you for watching! Here are some links to the things I do outside of YouTube: GPO for Kerbal Space Program: 🤍 Twitch (Offline for now): 🤍 If you have any enquiries, see the about section of the channel for my email to contact me directly.

【KENNY】提升近100%! Premiere Pro终于支持NVENC硬件加速了!


Adobe在2020年5月19日释出了Premiere Pro 14.2版本 其中一项重要的更新就是对NVIDIA和AMD的GPU支持了硬件加速功能 特别是NVIDIA的NVENC解码对于内容创作的性能提升更是非常之大 让我们来看看这次的提升究竟有多少吧

How to encode CBR H265 with NVENC on Adobe Premiere Pro / Media Encoder 2020/2021


This took a while to figure out but it's working! This also fixes the Vidcoder / Handbrake error: ERROR: Encode failed with code ErrorInit This fixes the out of memory error with both Adobe Premiere Pro 2020/21 AND Adobe Media Encoder 2020/21 when trying to encode with CBR!! export error error compiling movie out of memory failed to create encoder select: 9 error code: 7 I'm using: Intel i5-6600k Intel HD530 Geforce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR6 edition from Zotac (zt-t16520f-10l) Corsair 500 GB SSD A raid 10 array MSI Z270 SLI PLUS Motherboard #PremierPro #NVENC #H265

Increase RENDERING SPEED In Premiere Pro | Render FAST in PREMIERE PRO 2023


In this video, I will show you the best premiere pro settings to Increase RENDERING SPEED In Premiere Pro. We will apply Nvidia GeForce Experience settings along with Nvidia Control Panel Settings to optimize Nvidia for Premiere Pro. In the end, we will apply all the best settings in Premiere Pro to increase Preview Speed and Rendering speed as a result you will see the Fast Rendering in Premiere Pro! So, make sure to watch this video till the end, and don't forget to comment down below if you face any issues. Topics Covered: 1. How to export faster in premiere pro 2022 2. How to render in premiere pro 2022 3. Rendering taking too long premiere 4. How to render 4k video in premiere pro 5. How to render in premiere pro shortcut 6. How to render before exporting premiere Video Details: 0:00 Intro 0:15 Enable Nvidia Studio Driver 1:17 Apply Nvidia Control Panel Settings 2:06 Step 1 - Set Playback Resolution 2:42 Step 2 - Enable GPU Acceleration 3:22 Step 3 - Enable Display Color Management 3:49 Step 4 - Enable H264/HEVC Hardware Acceleration 4:08 Step 5 - Delete Media Cache Files 4:37 Step 6 - Allocate more RAM to Premiere Pro 5:59 Step 7 - Apply GPU Acceleration In Export Settings 7:50 Thanks and Outro Make sure to watch this video till the end to understand everything. THANKS! Follow Me On : Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe Now: 🤍 Must Watch: 1. EXPORT After Effects Projects Faster with These Secret Settings: 🤍 2. How To Enable GPU Acceleration In After Effects | How to FIX After Effects Not Using GPU To RENDER: 🤍 3. How To Increase RENDERING SPEED In Adobe After Effects 2021: 🤍

Быстрый рендер NVENC и Voukoder в Premiere Pro (GPU экспорт H264) - AEplug 236


Чтобы ускорить рендер в Premiere Pro можно воспользоваться Nvidia NVENC - аппаратным кодировщиком, реализованным на большинстве современных видеокарт GeForce. Для этого мне удалось найти два бесплатных плагина - NVENC и Voukoder. В этом видео мы посмотрим, как они работают, сравним их друг с другом и со стандартным H.264 в Premiere Pro, работающим на CPU. Подробности читайте тут: 🤍 ▼▼▼ After Effects экспорт видео H.264 в MP4 плагин Voukoder 🤍 Финальный рендер готового видео может занимать много времени, и парой очень хочется его ускорить всеми доступными средствами. Энкодер NVENC создан специально для этого. Благодаря специальным ресурсам видеокарты от Nvidia рендер ускоряется и значительно опережает свои аналоги, работающие на процессорах. ★ Резкое падение качества при экспорте MPEG 4 из Premiere Pro 🤍 ★ Premiere Pro для новичков! Введение, основы 🤍 ★ Плейлист YouTube для Premiere Pro 🤍 ✔ Ссылки по теме: H.264 — Википедия 🤍 Voukoder 🤍 Downloads | GPAC 🤍 Nero AAC Codec Encoder / Decoder Free Download - VideoHelp 🤍 NVidia GPU-accelerated H264-encoder plugin 1.12... | Adobe Community 🤍 ♥ Содержание выпуска: 01:47 Установка плагинов кодирования в Premiere Pro и Adobe Media Encoder 02:12 Подготовка тестовой среды 03:03 Используем Voukoder для кодирования 05:38 Начинаем 1-й тест с Voukoder 07:56 Используем NVENC 11:33 Начинаем 2-й тест с NVENC 13:36 И тест стандартного рендера H.264 на CPU 16:14 MediaInfo файлов 16:50 Итоги и выводы 20:08 Немного бомблю от Adobe Есть вопросы? Спроси меня! 🤍 Платная консультация: 🤍 Расписание стримов: 🤍 Поддержка стримов: 🤍 #PremierePro #GPU #NVENC #ускорение #Premiere #рендер #Voukoder ♥ Распространенные ошибки начинающих видео (Motion) дизайнеров 🤍 ♥ FAQ со стримов - вопросы, которые постоянно задают 🤍 ♥ FAQ по Adobe After Effects - Ответы на часто задаваемые вопросы 🤍 ♥ Плейлист со стримами 🤍 ♥ Плейлист с критикой 🤍 Мой книжный блог 🤍 Оставляйте свое мнение в виде лайков, дислайков, подписок и обычных комментариев. 🤍 🤍 Донат 🤍 QIWI Копилка 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 AEPlug LIVE 🤍 🤍 Music by - бесплатная музыка по лицензии "Creative Commons License 3.0" для ваших проектов!

Export in Adobe Premiere Pro 100X Faster | NVIDIA NVENC |


Through this video you will be able to use the maximum potential of your graphics card while exporting or rendering videos in Adobe Premiere Pro . Subscribe to my channel here :- 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍

My Video-Editing monster laptop Premiere Pro Hardware Encoding NVIDIA RTX GPU Renders 4X FASTER


Try NVIDIA RTX GPUs to speed up your editing workflow: 🤍 💻 DELL Precision 7550 Mobile Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 - $3,999.99 🤍 🗃️ NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 Graphics Card $889.99 🤍 ALL NVIDIA PARTNER LAPTOPS with GTX and RTX Graphics Cards: B&H Photo: 🤍 (affiliate link) Amazon: 🤍 (affiliate link) HOW DOES NVIDIA STUDIO WORK? NVIDIA Studio wants to help you create faster and better, by working with hardware manufacturers and software developers to enable GPU acceleration to the tools you use every day. Today’s video looks at NVENC (NVIDIA VIDEO ENCODER) support in Adobe Premiere Pro and how it will speed up your render times. NVENC is a dedicated encoding hardware only found on the GeForce GTX and RTX GPUS (Graphics Cards). Using NVENC increases the performance of rendering by removing the CPU bottleneck. TIMECODES 0:00 Lip Sync Quote 0:20 Intro 1:08 Playback & Encoding Pain 3:35 Dell 7750 is fast! 5:05 Explaining NVENC and NVIDIA GPU Tech 6:28 How to setup hardware encoding in Pr 7:10 Hardware vs Software encoding tests 9:37 8k Video Playback on RTX GPU 10:34 Outro 11:30 Comment of the week MORE NVIDIA: USEFUL LINKS Quadro in Laptops for Design & Visualization: 🤍 Quadro Mobile GPU Comparison Chart: 🤍 GPU- Acceleration Benefits in Adobe Premiere Pro with NVIDIA 🤍 MY YOUTUBE FILMMAKING GEAR KIT (Affiliate Links) Canon EOS R + 50mm Lens: 🤍 Manfrotto BeFree Live Video Tripod Kit: 🤍 Joby GorillaPod 3K PRO: 🤍 Falcon Eyes F7 Fold LED RGB Light: 🤍 NEEWER SOFTBOX KIT: 🤍 RODE NT USB MINI: 🤍 Adobe Creative Cloud : 🤍 Stock Video & Templates from Envato Elements: 🤍 Replayer’s Seamless Transitions: 🤍 FilmImpact Transitions: 🤍 Music is from Epidemic Sound: 🤍 SUPPORT OR WORK WITH ME Support Gal’s Tutorials and Give back on Patreon: 🤍 Need a one-on-one video chat lesson? Book it here 🤍 For sponsors: contact🤍 FOLLOW ME ➜ 🤍 ➜ 🤍 ➜ 🤍 Website ➜ 🤍 LIPSYNC - ZOOLANDER MOVIE QUOTE Source video: 🤍 #PremierePro #NVIDIA #DellInsideCircle Promotional and other considerations provided by NVIDIA.



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How to Enable Hardware Encoding in Adobe Premiere Pro | Premiere fixing Error


Get Membership for Support to creativeartlk: 🤍 ⭕About this Video ⭕How to Enable Hardware Encoding in Adobe Premiere Pro | Premiere fixing Error ❤Subscribe LIVEonSG 🤍 ⭕Join to Discord 🤍 ⭕How to Join to Discord 🤍 - 🔰 More Downloads from web - 🤍 🔰 Contact us: ✔ web 🤍 ✔ Facebook: 🤍 ✔ Instagram: 🤍 ✔ Program Host 🤍 - ⭕Live Chat with Us - 🤍 - 🔰 GEAR WE USING ⭕ Sony A7ii ⭕ Kit lens 28-70mm ⭕ 50mm-1.8 ⭕ Voice recording - Boya M1 Mic ✳️CLK WORKSTATION 🔵LENOVO LEGION 7000P GAMING 🔵CPU : Intel(R) Core i7 8750H 6CORE 🔵GPU : NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB 🔵RAM : 32GB, 16x2 🔵HDD : 512SSD + 1TB SATA 🔵24" SAMSUNG + 24" DELL DUAL MONITORS 🔵MSI KEYBOARD MOUSE 🔵FANTECH GAMING HEADPHONES 7.1 🔵LOGITECH SOUND SYSTEM 2.1 🔵EXTERNALS 10TB SEAGATE, 2TB SEAGATE 🔵XIAOMI CMSXJ22A WEBCAM ​ 🔵SONY A7 MARK 2 🔵BOYA BY M1 MIC 🔰 SOFTWARE WE USING ⭕ Screen Recording Software - StreamLab OBS ⭕ Video Editing Software - Adobe Premiere Pro ⭕ Adobe Photoshop CC ⭕ Lightroom CC 🔰 Music by Youtube Audio Library - 🤍 🔰This video Subtitles Provide by Senani_Bhagya #EnableHardwareEncoding #AdobePremierePro #PremiereBasics

GTX 1070 FE VS RTX 3080 FE: Exporting in Premiere Pro


Since Raf got his new graphics card, we wanted to test out how much of a difference something like exporting in premiere pro would make. If there's even a difference... Instagram: 🤍 🤍 Website: 🤍 Email: dreschervisuals🤍 Facebook: 🤍 #premierepro #rtx3080 #videoediting #nvidia #pcbuild



In This Video I will Show You How To FIX PREMIERE PRO Using INTEGRATED And Not DEDICATED Graphics CARD and Best SETTINGs To Enable Dedicated GPU. Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2020 is not using DEDICATED GPU and only using Integrate GPU then In This video I have shown 5 quick methods to enable premiere pro use your dedicated Graphics card like GTX 1660 Ti, GTX 2060, GTX 2070, RTX 3090, RTX 3080, RTX 3070 and so on. Topics Covered: 1. Premiere Pro using Integrated and not Dedicated Graphics Card 2. Premiere pro using integrated and non dedicated graphics card, 3. Premiere pro using integrated graphics 4. Premiere pro not using gpu 5. Premiere pro 2020 not using gpu Also Watch: Best NVIDIA Settings For PREMIERE PRO | Fix Premiere Pro not using GPU ACCELERATION for Rendering: 🤍 How to Fix Premiere Pro not using GPU ACCELERATION for Rendering | GPU not working | CUDA 2021: 🤍 OPTIMIZE NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL 2021 | MAX Performance NVIDIA GRAPHICS CARD Settings For AFTER EFFECTS: 🤍 If You face any issue, please let me know in comment section. THANKS! Subscribe Now: 🤍 Follow Me On : Instagram:🤍

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